Top 15 Restaurants in Lahore to Visit in 2024

The many cuisines of Pakistan’s vibrant Lahore metropolis are famous worldwide. Lahore is home to a wide variety of traditional Indian dishes, from paaye and charts to BBQ and karahis, that will take your taste buds on a journey they will never forget. Countless exciting opportunities await you in this city that never rests. Lahore is home to some of Pakistan’s greatest swimming pools and retail complexes. There is no one site in Lahore that isn’t valuable and worth visiting. Read this post to learn about the top restaurants in Lahore. All of these restaurants are must-tries for each Lahore visitor.

Top Restaurants in Lahore to Visit

Following is the list of the top 8 restaurants in Lahore, which includes both desi and fast food restaurants. Let’s have a look at them.

1. The Pantry by Polo Lounge

The Pantry by Polo Lounge - Top restaurant in Lahore

The pantry is the first place we look. This café and restaurant are widely regarded as one of Lahore’s best and most popular. Their inexpensive yet delicious meal will more than justify the low-key, unpretentious decor.
The pantry stocks an extensive variety of both sweet and savoury foods, perfect for any meal of the day. Pasta, burgers, pizza, and grilled chicken are just a few of their most well-known offerings. The pantry is the place to go if you have a taste for quick food or modern English cuisine.

Address: Shop number – 10, Mall – 1, 94-D Main Boulevard Gulberg-3, Lahore, Pakistan

Contact: (042) 35790127

2. Kitchenette Rina

Kitchenette Rina - Top Restaurant in Lahore

Rina’s Kitchenette is the next fantastic choice on our list. It’s a popular dining spot in DHA Lahore.
It all began in 2010 as a “cook from home,” but now, Rina’s Kitchenette is widely regarded as one of Lahore’s finest dining establishments. The warm, welcoming, and comfortable atmosphere here will make you long for comfortable cuisine from back home.
The smash burger, oriental bowl, cheeseburgers, sandwiches, chicken pot pies, three-cheese cannelloni, and caramel crunch are just a few of the restaurant’s most popular items.

Address: 242Y, Phase 3, DHA Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan-54792

Contact: You can visit their website by clicking Here

3. Yum! Chinese and Thai Restaurant

Yum! Chinese and Thai Restaurant Lahore

Yum! Restaurant is a must-try for every Chinese cuisine lover. When it comes to Chinese food in Lahore, Chinese and Thai Restaurants is a top choice. YUM eateries are a topic of conversation due to their central locations in Lahore, Gulberg, and DHA. The casual and welcoming ambience at YUM is ideal for gathering with loved ones for conversation and a meal.

Among the most popular items on the menu are the Yum special soup, packed chilli prawns, chicken in a chilli garlic sauce, schezwan prawns, beef with chillies, and Mongolian duck.

If you can’t decide what to order from the usual menu, you should definitely try the restaurant’s lunch or dinner buffet. A wide variety of both sweet and savoury continental foods are available.

Address: Gulberg Branch – 24 K, Gulberg II

Contact: 0311 1122101

4. Qabail Restaurant

Qabail Restaurant Lahore

The Qabail restaurant is the place to go in Lahore for genuine Pashtun cuisine. Qabail, conveniently located on MM Alam Road, serves a variety of traditional Pashtun cuisine, such as khadi kabab and Pashtun-style BBQ.

Qabail Restaurant is well-known for its delicious Chapli kabab, Namkeen chicken karahi, and kewa.

The nighttime Attan dance performance is the icing on the cake. You might think about Qabail Restaurant if you want to have a fun evening with your loved ones without breaking the bank.

Address: 10-F1, phase 1, Khayaban-e-Firdousi, Johar town, Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan

Contact: (042) 35291711

5. Bundu Khan

Bundu Khan is a paradise for those with an insatiable desire for Indian and other South Asian dishes. It’s been called “one of Lahore’s best eateries.”
Bundu Khan is a popular restaurant chain with locations around the country. It is renowned for its high-quality cuisine and friendly, helpful staff.
Paratha, Malai Boti, Mutton Karahi, and Chicken Shashlik are among the most well-known dishes served there.
All of the meals are made using unique seasonings and ingredients. Eat at Bundu Khan if you’re interested in sampling authentic Lahori dishes.

Address: 45 Service Rd, Jogi Mohalla Garhi Shahu, Lahore, Punjab 54000

Contact: (042) 111 444 411

6. Cooco’s Den

Cooco’s Den Restaurant Lahore

Cooco’s Den is the next eatery on our itinerary. There is a good reason why it is one of the busiest restaurants in Lahore. Cooco’s Den is a popular restaurant in the city’s red-light district, Heera Mandi (Diamond Market), serving authentic desi food, notably Lahori specialities.
Besides the delicious menu, the restaurant’s terrace is worth a visit only for the breathtaking scenery. The famed Badshahi Mosque and Lahore Fort are just two of the city’s many historic landmarks that can be seen from the terrace of the Cooco’s Den.
Chicken karahi, boneless chicken in a gravy-type masala loaded with fresh green chillies and BBQ, and diced chicken (Achari) breast marinated in a spicy tart combination of pickled mango are two of the restaurant’s most well-known dishes.

Address: Roshnai Gate, 2168/A Food St Fort Rd, Shahi Mohallah Walled City of Lahore, Lahore, Punjab

Contact: 0300 9472407

7. Haveli Restaurant

Haveli Restaurant Best Rooftop Restaurant Lahore

The Haveli Restaurant in Lahore is housed in the ancient Haveli Khalil Khan, a prominent building on the city’s famed Fort Road Food Street. The stunning Badshahi Mosque, constructed by the Moghul emperor Aurangzeb, may be seen from Haveli.

The building itself is a stunning example of national pride and architectural excellence. Haveli Restaurant is unlike any other in existence thanks to its wooden balconies, jharokha, hand-carved windows and doors, ironwork fences, sun-dried flat brickwork, handcrafted tiles, and other ancient elements.

Haveli’s extensive menu features a variety of appetizers, soups, barbecue, special beverages, a karahi corner, Namak Mandi, JehengaLala, steam roast, Monji Mandi, tandoor, Haveli Halwai, coffee bar, side orders, khokha, handi (chicken, mutton), china express, Chinese rice, and a bhajiTarkari area. Haveli Restaurant is where you should go if you want a nice meal with a view of Lahore and good company.

Address: 2170-A Food St Fort Rd, opposite Badshahi Mosque, Shahi Mohallah Walled City of Lahore, Lahore, Punjab

Contact: 0300 8414899

8. Butt Karahi

Butt Karahi Lahore

And who among us has not known of the illustrious Butt Karahi? Among the finest eateries in all of Lahore. Their Karahis will have your mouth watering with their sumptuous sauce, generous amounts of delicate meat, balanced spices, and generous toppings.

However, the Laxmi Chowk location in Lahore is the most well-known of all the Butt Karahi restaurants in Pakistan. Fast food, continental cuisine, and desserts have all been added to the menu as time has progressed. Affordable and delicious, the karahis and rotis are guaranteed to brighten your day.

Address: 16-McLeod Road Lakshmi Chowk, Lahore, Pakistan

Contact: 0335 4005890

9. Café Aylanto MM Alam Road Lahore

Cafe Aylanto Lahore

Diners in search of a refined dining experience often choose Café Aylanto, situated on MM Alam Road in DHA Phase III, thanks to its lovely outdoor patio. Though it serves a wide variety of dishes, the restaurant’s speciality is Italian and Mediterranean fare. The BBQ grill, the Moroccan chicken, and the sole Mediterranean are all noteworthy options. Although their beef steaks are said to be among the best in Lahore, the real show-stopper is the Cream of Mushroom soup, an absolute must-order for anyone looking for a gourmet appetizer.

Address: 12 C1 MM Alam Rd, Block C1 Block C 1 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab

Contact: (042) 35712580

10. Spice Bazaar Lahore

Spice Bazar Lahore

Fans of Pakistani food would find Spice Bazaar, near MM Alam Road and DHA Phase VI, to be the best place to eat. A delectable selection of dishes blended with the unique flavors of our indigenous spices are served in this artfully constructed restaurant.

From perfectly made parathas and freshly baked naans to aromatic chicken handi, succulent malai botti, and savory mutton chops, there’s something for everyone on the menu. Spice Bazaar offers an extensive selection of mouth-watering Pakistani dishes, making it the ideal spot for anyone seeking a really authentic dining experience.

Address: T-01, Off MM Alam Road, Gulberg | 58 Main Boulevard, Sector H, Phase 6, DHA, Lahore Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan-54000

Contact: 0311 1122103

11. Andaaz Restaurant Lahore

Andaaz Restaurant Lahore

In Lahore, the unrivalled dining experience at Andaaz Restaurant is a must-have for anyone hoping to immerse themselves in the city’s vibrant culture fully. With its wonderful selection of desi delights, Andaaz effortlessly captures the essence of Lahore, nestled amid the historic old bazaars.

The most exquisite flavors of traditional Pakistani cuisine are served in an atmosphere befitting a royal palace at Andaaz, an opulent restaurant in a breathtaking setting. Fans of desi cuisine will find sanctuary at this institution, which offers a culinary adventure that routinely receives a flawless 10 out of 10 for flavor. Those in search of a memorable dining experience should not miss this restaurant because of the way its decor subtly evokes the genuine Mughlai atmosphere.
Between 5 p.m. and 12 a.m., Andaaz Restaurant is open for dining.

Address: 2189 A Fort Rd, Shahi Mohallah Walled City of Lahore, Lahore.

Contact: 0300 0263229

12. Bamboo Union Lahore

Bamboo Union Lahore

With its outstanding Asian Fusion fare, Bamboo Union is a notable addition to Lahore’s restaurant scene. This restaurant stands out thanks to its huge serving sizes, which guarantee a really fulfilling meal and reflect the city’s profound love of different flavors. In addition to generous servings, Bamboo Union is known for its exceptional flavor, which takes diners on a memorable gastronomic adventure.

The alluring scents of the restaurant’s mouthwatering dishes fill the air, creating an ideal setting for a meal. Bamboo Union is a place worth visiting because of the staff’s dedication to providing excellent service and coordinating every detail.

Operating hours: 12:30 pm – 11:30 pm

Address: D, 95B, 1 Main Blvd Gulberg, Lahore.

13. Wasabi Restaurant Lahore

Wasabi Restaurant Lahore

When it comes to the best restaurants in the city known for its delicious food, Wasabi is a strong candidate. Wasabi is a sushi lover’s paradise that demands your undivided attention. If you don’t stop by this restaurant, you’re missing out on an unforgettable dining experience. Visit Wasabi for an unforgettable sushi experience that will take your taste buds on a wild ride.

Wasabi’s dedication to providing exceptional cuisine is evident in its mouth-watering menu items and warm, welcoming atmosphere, creating the ideal conditions for a memorable meal. Look no further; your discriminating taste buds are in for a treat with these flawless tuna rolls.

Contact: 0322 3533322

Address: MM Alam Rd, 98(A), Block B 1 Gulberg III, Lahore.

14. Gai’a Japanese Fusion Lahore

Gai’a Japanese Fusion Lahore

If you’re looking for the best Japanese food in Lahore, your best bet is to visit Gai’a Japanese Fusion, widely considered the best restaurant in town. Those with refined tastes should not miss this establishment, which is located in an enchanting setting. The fresh sushi at Gai’a is irresistible, but the restaurant’s aesthetic value is just as important. If you are traveling through Lahore with friends who are sushi fans, you must dine at Gai’a Japanese Fusion.
At Gai’s Japanese Fusion, you can expect an unforgettable meal in an ultra-modern setting. A dedication to culinary quality is evident in the careful selection of ingredients and the meticulous preparation of dishes.

Contact: 0300 0453737
Location: CCA, 142, Sector C Phase 5 D.H.A, Lahore.

15. Pasta La Vista DHA Phase II Lahore

Pasta La Vista DHA Phase II Lahore

Situated in DHA Phase II, Pasta La Vista is a charming newcomer to Lahore’s restaurant scene, providing a special place for pasta lovers. Come here if you’re in the mood for some delicious spaghetti. Fans of alfredo, gnocchi, and pizza will have their desires realised at Pasta La Vista, an Italian restaurant that serves up a wide variety of pastas and pizzas.

In a warm and welcoming atmosphere, diners can relish their pasta meal while listening to gentle music in the background. Pasta La Vista offers more than just delicious savory dishes; their strawberry sauce-adorned cheesecake is a show-stopping dessert that no foodie should miss. Here you can savor the culinary skill of pasta.

Address: C4, Block S, DHA Phase 2, Lahore, Pakistan.
Contact: 0308 1353066


Foodies from all over the world go to Lahore to experience the city’s legendary cuisine. We’ve compiled a list of Lahore’s eight best eateries for you to peruse in this blog article. You can satisfy your hunger with anything from traditional Lahori fare to fast food and continental fare at these restaurants. Yum! Chinese & Thai Restaurant is a must-try for Chinese food aficionados, while The Pantry by Polo Lounge, Bundu Khan, and Butt Karahi are famous among Indian and South Asian foodies.

Qabail Restaurant is renowned for its authentic Pashtun cuisine, while Haveli Restaurant and Cooco’s Den offer a one-of-a-kind dining experience with breathtaking views of the city’s landmarks. When in Lahore, you should eat at each of these restaurants to experience the city’s diverse culinary scene.


What food is famous in Lahore?

Several classic Lahori dishes have gained international renown, and Lahore is known for its rich culinary heritage. Nihari, paaye, chargha, haleem, biryani, and karahi are among the most well-known foods.

What’s the most popular restaurant?

It would be difficult to pick just one of Lahore’s many popular eateries. The Pantry by Polo Lounge, Bundu Khan, Butt Karahi, Cooco’s Den, and Yum! Chinese and Thai Restaurant are, however, among the city’s most well-known eateries.

Which food street is the best in Lahore?

Each of Lahore’s several cuisine lanes is famous in its own right. Gawalmandi Food Street, Anarkali Food Street, and Fort Road Food Street are just a few of the top Lahore food streets.

What’s the name of the best restaurant?

Choosing the best restaurant in Lahore is tricky because everyone has different tastes. The Pantry by Polo Lounge, Bundu Khan, Haveli Restaurant, Cooco’s Den, and Qabail Restaurant are, however, among Lahore’s finest dining establishments.

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