Best Restaurants in North Nazimabad Karachi

North Nazimabad is one of the best areas of Karachi, Pakistan, in terms of food. The restaurants here offer a variety of cuisines that are sure to please every palate. Some of the most popular restaurants in North Nazimabad include Redhouse Kitchen, Nando’s, and Haveli Kebab & Grill.

North Nazimabad offers a variety of restaurants serving everything from Italian cuisine to traditional Pakistani dishes. Whether you’re craving flame-grilled chicken at Nando’s or authentic kebabs at Haveli Kebab & Grill, there’s something for everyone. And for a truly upscale dining experience, try Tandoor Restaurant. So grab your appetite and join us on this mouth-watering journey in North Nazimabad!

List of the Restaurants in North Nazimabad Karachi

Following is the list of some of the best restaurants near North Nazimabad Karachi.

1. Roadhouse Kitchen

Roadhouse Kitchen North Nazimabad

If you’re looking for a great steak in the Nort Nazimabad region, go no further than RoadHouse Kitchen. The restaurant’s superficial charms may fool you, but the steaks and burgers are excellent. That’s not steak; its ground beef with cheese. The portion size is plenty for two people to share.

The atmosphere is nice as well. A photography area is available for capturing images to share on online platforms. The Roadhouse in north Nazimabad has to be the greatest restaurant there, period. They offer an incredible selection of food, from sandwiches and paninis to steaks and juices.

(Looking for something classy? Why not look at Lasania and Usmania Restaurants?

2. Nando’s North Nazimabad

Nando's North Nazimabad

When you think of flame-grilled chicken, do you have a favorite restaurant in mind? Nando’s, we think. Nando’s North Nazimabad Karachi location has been open longer than any other in the city. This location has a small waiting room and counters seating for clients.

The branch’s strengths lie in its excellent service and the pleasant, well-kept atmosphere it provides its customers. Unfortunately, Nando’s menu is somewhat limited. At Nando’s, we’re known for our peri-peri chicken. A lot of regulars recommend this location for its classic chicken and peri-peri nibbles.

You can count on the same great food and service every time you visit Nando’s. You may turn it into a full supper by ordering some of the available accompaniments. Nando’s has a loyal customer base thanks in large part to their homemade sauces. We have no doubt that you, like us, are an avid Nando’s fan.

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3. Haveli Kebab & Grill (Haveli Restaurant North Nazimabad)

Haveli Kebab & Grill Nazimabad

Have you ever had the pleasure of tasting authentic Pakistani cuisine? If not, then you’re in for a treat at Haveli restaurant in North Nazimabad Karachi. This restaurant serves up some of the best kebabs and curries in town, all made with fresh ingredients and plenty of spice. Whether you’re in the mood for chicken, lamb, or vegetarian fare, Haveli Kebab & Grill has something to satisfy your appetite. (If you want to go out of North Nazimabad neighborhood, Noorani Kabab House is worth visiting)

And if you’re looking for a truly memorable dining experience, be sure to check out their haveli traditional style seating. With its intricate carvings and colorful d√©cor, it’s like stepping into another world. So come on over to Haveli Kebab & Grill and enjoy a taste of Karachi, Pakistan!

Haveli restaurant in North Nazimabad Contact Number

Contact number: +92 333 4283540

To view Haveli restaurant in North Nazimabad Karachi Menu, Click Here 

4. Tandoor Restaurant North Nazimabad Karachi

Tandoor Restaurant North Nazimabad Karachi

When it comes to fine dining in Karachi, Pakistan, Authentic Food is without rival. Tandoor is the ideal fusion of a first-rate exquisite dining experience, friendly and attentive staff, and a wide selection of both modern and traditional Pakistani dishes. Tandoor has quickly become the go-to spot for celebratory occasions, business meals, and intimate gatherings with loved ones.

(If you are craving fast food, check out Anwar Baloch and Al Madina Fast Food)

For Tandoor Restaurant North Nazimabad Menu, Click HERE

5. Maharaja Restaurant North Nazimabad Menu Description

Maharaja Restaurant North Nazimabad

The Maharaja Restaurant in North Nazimabad is a great place to have a tasty lunch. The restaurant has a nice atmosphere, and the staff is very friendly. They are also great for special events like birthday parties, and they have decorations you can use for free or pay for more special decorations. You can also order food to be delivered to your home. The restaurant is a popular spot for the royal family. Original Turkish and Afghani cuisine are the house specialties here. If you’re a Turkish or Afghani cuisine fan, you should definitely check out this restaurant.

Maharaja Restaurant in North Nazimabad Contact number: +92 333 3332702

To view Maharaja Restaurant North Nazimabad Menu click Here

Some Other North Nazimabad Restaurants for Delivery

  1. De Pizza Town
  2. Pizza Max
  3. Happy Pizza and Fast Food
  4. Pizza Nation
  5. Love Bite Pizza and Fast Food
  6. Domino’s Pizza North Nazimabad
  7. Pizza Hut North Nazimabad Branch
  8. The Pizza Master
  9. Kaybees
  10. Ice n Spice


Restaurants in North Nazimabad Karachi have some of the finest Pakistani experiences. Italian, grilled chicken, kebabs, and traditional Pakistani fare are on the menu, along with various other selections. Restaurants like RoadHouse Kitchen, Nando’s Nazimabad, Haveli Restaurant North Nazimabad, Tandoor Restaurant, and Maharaja Restaurant come highly recommended.

All of these eateries have something special to offer, and they all provide delicious meals in pleasant settings. If you want to go out of North Nazimabad for fine dining, don’t miss Do Darya restaurants and Coconut Grove at Tipu Sultan Road. If you are craving something desi, Javid Nihari on Tariq Road is the place to go.

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