Top 10 Best Restaurants in Faisalabad in 2023

From mouth-watering traditional street food to upscale dining options, the city of Faisalabad offers a delectable array of options. We have curated a list of the top picks for the best Restaurants in Faisalabad that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more.


Top 10 Best Restaurants in Faisalabad

Here is our list of the top 10 best restaurants in Faisalabad you don’t want to miss.

1. Marhaba Mahal

Restaurants in Faisalabad

Marhaba started as a small lounge, but now it’s a full-fledged convenience restaurant network that takes pride in its honesty and old-fashioned principles. Marhaba Mahal is the crown jewel of Faisalabad, and from the time you enter, you will be treated like a king or queen.
Address: 204 RB, next to Babu CNG, East Canal Road Faisalabad, Punjab.

Contact Number: 041 8523102


2. Hazara Hotel Faisalabad

Restaurants in Faisalabad

The speciality here is their famous dal Makkhan fry, a dish that will transport your taste buds to a whole new level of deliciousness. But that’s not all, the menu is filled with a variety of mouth-watering options. This eatery is a true haven for food lovers, so indulge in traditional food’s authentic taste.

Pak Hazara Address: Main Jaranwala road, Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan
Pak Hazara Contact number: +92 333 8717465


3. The Dynasty Restaurant & Banquets

Best Restaurants in Faisalabad

Your taste buds have landed in a veritable paradise, where the staff is friendly, the atmosphere is inviting, and the food will leave you wanting more. Every dish is an explosion of taste and an artistic display of skill. But the real draw is the buffet, which features an ever-rotating assortment of delectable dishes that can please even the pickiest eaters.

Address: 2-A, Hakeem Sultan Ahmad Dawoodi Rd, Block C People’s Colony No 1, Faisalabad, Punjab.

Contact number: +92 41 8545100

Rooftop Restaurants in Faisalabad

Following are some of the finest rooftop Restaurants in Faisalabad for a romantic dinner or lunch with your loved ones.

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4. Rooftop Royal Cuisine

Faisalabad Restaurants

Rooftop Royal Cuisine is a highly sought-after private restaurant for couples in Faisalabad, and for a good reason. Rooftop Royal Cuisine is among the best rooftop restaurants in Faisalabad, and if you want to impress a date or treat yourself to a special meal, it is the only choice.

Address: 4th Floor The Boulevard Mall Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan

Contact Number: +92 304 8888327

5. Banera Rooftop Restaurant

Restaurants in Faisalabad

Enjoy a unique dining experience with a breathtaking view at Banera Rooftop Restaurant, serving up creative dishes in a breathtaking setting. Banera offers a menu exploring the diverse tastes of Pakistani cuisine. Banera Rooftop Restaurant is the best place to experience the cuisine of Faisalabad.

List of Best Restaurants in Kohinoor Faisalabad

Following is the list of top Restaurants in Kohinoor Faisalabad which will tantalize your taste buds.

6. Portobello Restaurant

Best Restaurants in Faisalabad

Faisalabad is home to Portobello, a continental restaurant with a stylish rustic ambiance. Portobello is the perfect location for any occasion, such as a family party, business gathering, or romantic outing. Each dish is carefully crafted using only the highest quality ingredients.

Address: Doburj Plaza, Kohinoor City, Faisalabad, Punjab.

Contact Number: 041 8555583

7. Seven Spice

Restaurants in Faisalabad
The Seven Spice family restaurant is a food wonderland, a place where dishes from all over the world come together in perfect harmony. Seven Spice stands out not only for its delicious food but also for the exceptional service it offers its customers.

Seven Spice Address: 114- Kohinoor City, Faisalabad.

Seven Spice Contact Number: 0345 7972198

8. Salt’n Pepper

Restaurants Faisalabad

When it comes to creating lasting memories, nothing beats the Salt’n Pepper Restaurants for its serene atmosphere and exquisite traditional and modern dishes. It is the best place to go out to eat in Faisalabad if you want to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Address: Kohinoor Plaza, Faisalabad.

Contact Number: 0311-1100678

9. Nando’s Restaurant Faisalabad

Best Restaurants in Faisalabad

Nando’s, a vibrant restaurant, serves the best Afro-Portuguese food. Simply saying “howzit,” “heita,” or “hello” in South Africa will make you feel welcome. Each Nando location has a unique design inspired by the brand’s Afro-Portuguese roots, natural textures, and colors.

Address: Mall-2 Kohi Noor City, Faisalabad, Pakistan

Contact Number: +92 335 1333632

10. Sariya’s Sip N Bite Restaurant

Best Faisalabad Restaurants
If you want Chinese food in Faisalabad, Sariyas is your one-stop shop for a wide variety of cuisines from across the world and across Pakistan. Sariyas features a varied menu that won’t break the bank, with options ranging from Chinese to Continental to Oriental to Desi.

Address: Shop # 20, Ground Floor, Center Point Plaza, Main Blvd., Kohinoor City Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan.

Contact number: +92 41 111 797 979


In conclusion, Faisalabad is a city that offers a wide range of dining options for food enthusiasts. We have highlighted some of the best restaurants in Faisalabad. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner or a casual lunch, these restaurants are a must-visit for anyone looking for a truly memorable dining experience.

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