Hen N’ Bun Lahore: Ultimate Destination for Arabic Broast Lovers

Hen n’ Bun restaurant in Lahore is an absolute must-visit if you are a foodie who enjoys exploring new and unique flavors. The Arabian Broast, Nuggets, Dips, and Fries at this restaurant are a replica of Al- Baik’s, and they’re great.

This article provides a comprehensive guide to Hen n’ Bun Lahore, covering everything from the restaurant’s branches and location to its deals and delivery information, and menu options. Get the finest Arabian broast!!!

Hen N’ Bun Restaurant Menu Lahore

Hen N Bun Johar Town is a popular restaurant in Lahore, famous for its delicious Arabic broast. A visit to this eatery is highly recommended if you’re craving a wholesome meal. Here you’ll find a whole menu with prices so you can get a better idea of what they have to offer. At this restaurant, you can get a bite or fill up a full meal, depending on your craving.


Hen N’ Bun, located in Johar Town Lahore, is famous for its broast. You may have had other places’ broast before, but nothing in Lahore can compare to the deliciousness of the Hen N’ Bun broast. If you go to this restaurant, you must have a special dish there.

Hen N’ Bun Online Contact Number

For ordering food: +92 304 1110405

Hen N’ Bun Location and Branches

It has two branches in Lahore. One is on Main Raiwand Road, while another branch is located in Johar Town. Following are their addresses, along with precise Google Map locations.

Johar Town Branch

Address: 18, R2, Block R 2 Phase 2, Johar Town, Lahore.

Raiwind Branch

Address: Main Raiwind Rd, opposite Royal Plaza, Block D Opf Housing Scheme, Lahore.

Hen N’ Bun Deals

One of the many intriguing aspects of Hen N Bun Johar Town is the variety of deals it offers. The deals range from reductions on their classic roast to combo dinners that include sides and drinks, which is undeniable. They frequently update their special deals and promotions to ensure that customers always have something exciting to look forward to.

This restaurant has quickly become a go-to for budget-conscious diners thanks to its dedication to providing delicious, well-prepared food at reasonable costs. If you are going to the branch or ordering food online, make sure to try Hen N’ Bun broast.

Hen N' Bun Restaurant Lahore deals

Hen N’ Bun Johar Town Review Video

Service Options

  • Home Delivery
  • No contact delivery
  • Dine-in
  • Take away
  • Curbside pickup
  • Outdoor Dining


Hen N’ Bun broast is the most sought-after dish in the eatery. If you are planning to go to Hen N Bun, their Arabian broast is a must-try item from the menu.


This restaurant is known for its delicious broast chicken. The chicken has been marinated to perfection, and every bite is packed with flavor. On the inside, it’s juicy, and on the outside, it’s crisp, and the texture is less oily. This is the best roast in town since it tastes just like a classic Saudi broast.

The fact that Hen n’ Bun Lahore provides discounts based on quantity and quality makes it an excellent choice for individuals and large gatherings. The chef prepares all meals from scratch to perfection, in a sanitary manner, and the service is excellent.

There is an air-conditioned sitting space that is both comfortable and stylish. In addition to its indoor and outdoor seating areas, it offers takeout and delivery services, making it a practical choice for gourmands who want to sample authentic Arabian roast.


If you’re in Lahore and you’re yearning for a juicy roast, you have to stop by Hen N’ Bun Restaurant. Have a memorable meal at this restaurant, where the Arabian broast is just one item on a menu full of delicious selections. This neighborhood restaurant offers a wide variety of delicious options, whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a full meal. The warm atmosphere and helpful servers at Hen N’ Bun make it ideal for gathering with loved ones over a hearty lunch.

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