Heera Chargha Lahore Menu Highlights & More

Heera Chargha, tucked away in the middle of Lahore, invites foodies to go on an epicurean adventure. We give you the lowdown on Heera Chargha Lahore in this post, including their menu, hours, location, contact info, and more. Come with me as I investigate the delectable offerings at this well-known restaurant.

Famous for its tasty and crunchy chargha, Heera Chargha Lahore is a city favorite among diners. Heera Chargha Lahore branch is the place to go if you’re seeking for a spot to have a delicious supper with loved ones. This blog post will provide you with all the necessary details about Heera Chargha Lahore, such as their price list, opening hours, location on a map, and how to make a reservation.

Heera Chargha Lahore Menu Card with Price

There is a wide range of prices and flavors available at Heera Chargha Lahore. On their menu card, you can find:

Heera Chargha

Whole chickens tossed in spice marinade and fried to a golden crispiness make up this restaurant’s signature dish. Naan bread, salad, and raita are the accompaniments. Half a chicken costs 650 rupees and a whole chicken costs 1200 rupees for Heera Chargha.

Chicken Karahi

Another fan favorite, this one features boneless chicken breasts simmered in a spicy sauce. Naan or roti are the traditional accompaniments. Half a plate of Chicken Karahi costs Rs. 450 and a full dish costs Rs. 800.

Chicken Biryani

Aromatic basmati rice and juicy chicken cooked in a spicy masala make up this traditional rice meal. Salad and raita are the accompaniments. Half a dish of Chicken Biryani costs Rs. 180 and a whole plate costs Rs. 300.

Chicken Tikka

The chicken is skewered over charcoal and cooked in a yogurt and spice marinade; it is boneless. Naan bread, salad, and raita are the accompaniments. A full plate of Chicken Tikka costs 500 rupees, while half a plate costs 300 rupees.
Skewers of boneless chicken cubes, seasoned with capsicum, onion, and tomato, are roasted over charcoal in a dish called Chicken Shashlik. Naan bread, salad, and raita are the accompaniments. A full dish of Chicken Shashlik costs 600 rupees, while half a plate costs 350 rupees.

You can find a wide variety of dishes at Heera Chargha Lahore, including mutton karahi, biryani, tikka, shashlik, mixed vegetables, palak paneer, chaat, french fries, samosa chaat, pakora chaat, french fry fries, cold drinks, mineral water, tea, coffee, and more.

Heera Chargha Contact Number

Call 03334406337 to make a reservation or place an order at the Heera Chargha Lahore branch. Delivery to your home is also an option within Lahore.

Heera Chargha Lahore Timings

Hours of operation for the Heera Chargha Lahore branch are 5:30 PM to 2 AM daily. You are welcome to stop by whenever you like during these hours to savor their delicious cuisine.

Heera Chargha Map & Address – Branch

The address of the Heera Chargha branch in Lahore, Punjab 54000, Pakistan is Shop #02Č Temple Rd, Park Lane Mozang Chungi. Google Maps or the instructions below will lead you right to them:

About Heera Chargha (Lahore)

Famous for its chargha and other Pakistani cuisine, Heera Chargha (Lahore) is part of a restaurant chain. With locations across Pakistan (Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot, etc.), they have been catering to clients since 1988.

Service options

The following service choices are available from Heera Chargha (Lahore):


Heera Chargha (Lahore) offers takeout so you can eat in the comfort of your own home or at the workplace.


Dine in style at the Heera Chargha (Lahore) location with their inviting decor and plush seats.


In Heera Chargha (Lahore), you may see attractions like:

Fast service

Customers are served quickly and efficiently by Heera Chargha (Lahore). Their preparation time is minimal, and the meal is served hot and fresh.

Halal food: Heera Chargha (Lahore) uses only halal ingredients and follows the Islamic guidelines for food preparation and handling.


This is a partial list of what Heera Chargha (Lahore) has to offer:

All you can eat

Customers can enjoy an unlimited buffet at Heera Chargha in Lahore. For one little charge, you can eat all the tasty meals they have to offer.

Healthy options

For those who are health-conscious, Heera Chargha (Lahore) also has some nutritious selections. Their menu features salads, grilled foods, and low-fat options.

Dining options

Here are some of the dining alternatives available at Heera Chargha (Lahore):


For lunch, stop by the Heera Chargha (Lahore) branch and savor their reasonably priced, diverse menu.


At the Heera Chargha (Lahore) location, you may have some delicious, reasonably priced chargha and other foods for dinner.


In Lahore, Heera Chargha is more than simply a restaurant; it’s a culinary mecca where old world techniques meet modern inspiration, and eating becomes an adventure. Heera Chargha welcomes you to experience the culinary tapestry of Lahore with its varied cuisine that caters to all tastes and its warm, welcoming ambiance that is ideal for families and large groups. Heera Chargha has left an indelible mark on Lahore’s thriving culinary scene; to experience it for yourself, make an appointment, and call the number.

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