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Habibi Restaurant Islamabad is an authentic Pakistani cuisine experience located in the capital city. There, you can find all the classic Pakistani dishes that have been around for centuries and some innovative new dishes with a modern twist. The restaurant indulges its guests with traditional flavors and ingredients that are prepared freshly in small batches.

Habibi Restaurant Islamabad provides their diners with an enjoyable time through their warm service and cozy atmosphere – the perfect way to spend an evening in Islamabad! Whether you’re seeking a hearty lunch or searching for something special for dinner, you can find it at Habibi Restaurant Pakistan.

It has become a household name for its superior Pakistani cuisine. Besides, this Restaurant has proven it can deliver an unparalleled gastronomic experience by serving delicious dishes from authentic recipes passed down for generations. Aside from the great taste of their food, their service and hospitality ensure customers keep returning.

The restaurant’s relaxed atmosphere and generous portion size only add to the feeling of comfort and familiarity that diners get while they eat here. Habibi Restaurant provides a memorable dining experience with both its food and the wonderful atmosphere, making it one of Pakistan’s most famous restaurants.

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Habibi Restaurant Islamabad Menu

Habibi Restaurant Islamabad offers a wide variety of delicious and unique Pakistani cuisine. The menu includes traditional specialties such as cooked-in clay oven breads, spicy tandoori chicken, and famous Punjabi dishes made with slow-cooked meats, aromatic herbs, and spices. If you enjoy vegetarian options, there are plenty to choose from, including curry aloo gobi (cauliflower & potato) and vegetable kebabs.

To top it off, the restaurant has a variety of traditional desserts available, ranging from gulab jamun (deep-fried dough balls in syrup), kheer (rice-based pudding), or jalebi (sweet fried pastry dipped in syrup). Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or an indulgent multi-course feast fit for royalty, Habibi Restaurant is sure to satisfy any foodie’s cravings.

Habibi Restaurant Islamabad menu
Habibi Restaurant menu

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Habib Restaurant Islamabad Location & Address

I-8 Markaz, F-8 Markaz, PWD Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan-44000

Habibi Restaurant Islamabad Contact number: +92 51 4448222

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In conclusion, they offer a truly authentic Pakistani cuisine experience in the heart of the capital city. With a menu that features classic dishes and modern twists, diners can indulge in traditional flavors and ingredients that are prepared fresh daily. The restaurant’s warm service, cozy atmosphere, and generous portion size only add to the memorable dining experience.

Habibi Restaurant Islamabad has become a household name for its superior Pakistani cuisine and is one of Pakistan’s most famous restaurants, offering a perfect way to spend an evening in Islamabad. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or an indulgent feast, Habibi Restaurant Islamabad is sure to leave you satisfied.


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