Garden City Golf And Country Club Restaurant Rawalpindi Pakistan

Nestled in the verdant hills of Rawalpindi, Pakistan, the Garden City Golf and Country Club Restaurant is an absolute must-visit. With stellar views of the nearby olive orchards and gentle streams, it’s a tranquil place to enjoy a meal or indulge in some fine drinks. The rustic atmosphere is complemented by the restaurant’s uniquely delicious cuisines, which their talented chefs have exquisitely prepared.

From exotic Pakistani palate pleasers to savory international delicacies, one can find something for everyone on their expansive menu. As the sun sets and twilight envelopes the landscape, be sure to take a walk around the golf club while enjoying some warm hospitability from its friendly staff – you won’t regret it!

Garden City Golf and Country Club Restaurant Menu

The Garden City Golf and Country Club Restaurant in Rawalpindi offers an expansive and delicious menu suitable for all occasions. From delightful breakfast options like pancakes, eggs, and French toast, to starters such as soup or salad, dinner is always a special affair!

The main courses are also no less exciting: from classic Italian pasta topped with rich tomato sauces to some of the most delicious pizzas around. Burgers for lunch? They have that too! Whatever time of day you’re craving food, the Garden City Golf and Country Club Restaurant in Rawalpindi has something to satisfy your tastebuds.

Garden City Golf & Country Club Bahria Town

Kick off your tiresome routine day with a round of golf at an 18-hole facility that meets international standards. The golf course, developed with the best equipment and strategies and planned by famous golf designer Thomas J. Brown, is sure to soothe your frazzled nerves. Take advantage of the club’s many amenities at the Pro Shop, like expert teaching and special pricing. You should be happy and take the lead in all you do.

The course is a championship layout that measures in at 7409 yards for a Par 72 and was created to exact USGA requirements. It was planned and constructed to blend well with the topography. The opening four holes of this golf course are arranged around a man-made lake.

The Garden City Golf Course is every golfer’s dream, with first-class conveniences, including a modern club serving exquisite cuisine in a relaxing setting. This club is great for players to take it easy and appreciate the beautiful setting. The Garden City Clubhouse is an ideal location for any type of event, including but not limited to meetings, workshops, receptions, and gatherings.

Why Garden City Islamabad Golf Club Restaurant is the Best Place to Eat?

Garden city Bahria golf club phase 7 is the best place to eat and enjoy as it has everything one can ask for in a restaurant. The food served here is delicious and presented elegantly, while the ambience of this restaurant is cozy yet offers a luxury feel. Facilities provided are top-end, with comfortable seating arrangements and attentive wait staff.

Moreover, its ideal location makes it all the more attractive, making it perfect for those who want to enjoy an evening surrounded by nature and beauty while relishing their taste buds. Without a doubt, Garden City Golf Country Club Restaurant is the ultimate spot to dine with family or friends in a cozy yet luxurious setting.

Bahria Golf Club Restaurant Address

Bahria Golf Club Phase 7 restaurant is located at Garden City Golf & Country Club – Bahria Town Garden City, Phase 7, N/D Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

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Bahria golf club Rawalpindi Membership Fee

Bahria golf club Rawalpindi Membership Fee (Islamabad Golf Club membership fee) is not fixed, and for up to information, you can book your membership with utmost ease and comfort. You can get more information about the Islamabad Golf Club membership fee information by clicking here.

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