A Foodie’s Guide to Best Bahadurabad Restaurants, Karachi

Just like Do Darya, North Nazimabad, and Gulshan e Iqbal, Bahadurabad restaurants and cafes are famous for their delicious food. You’ll discover a wide range of restaurants in Bahadurabad food street. In Bahadurabad, you can easily satisfy your cravings for authentic Pakistani food, spicy BBQ, Chinese, or even pizza. Here are some of Bahadurabad’s finest dining places:

1. Tooso – Since 1976

Tooso restaurant is famous for its breakfast and brunch items, such as halwa puri, paratha, omelet, and nihari. In addition to great burgers, they also serve sandwiches, wraps, and sweets. Feel right at home with Tooso‘s warm and welcoming atmosphere and helpful staff.

2. Naan Stop Bahadurabad

Naan Stop Restaurant

Naan Stop is the place to go if you’re in the mood for hot, freshly baked naans stuffed with your choice of fillings and toppings. Numerous naan varieties are available, including cheese, chicken tikka, pizza, nutella, and many others. Naan Stop provides more than just Indian cuisine; they also have salads, soups, spaghetti, and drinks.

3. Khalid Restaurant BBQ & Broast

Khalid Restaurant and BBQ Grill

Chicken tikka, malai boti, seekh kabab, mutton ribs, and fish are just a few of this restaurant’s grilled and roasted delicacies. You can also choose their roast chicken, which has a crunchy outside and a tender interior. The eating room of Khalid Restaurant is large, spotless, and service-oriented.

4. Peking Chinese Restaurant

Peking Chinese Restaurant

Diners in Karachi have been treated to superb, reasonably priced food at one of the city’s oldest and most reputable Bahaurabad Chinese restaurants. Soups, noodles, rice, chop suey, chow mein, and a wide selection of chicken, beef, seafood, and veggie dishes are all available. Peking Chinese Restaurant is a cozy establishment with a simple and stylish interior.

5. Oh My Grill – Bahadurabad

Oh My Grill Restaurant Bahadurabad

Grilled dishes with a modern twist may be found at this restaurant. They use only the finest ingredients in their burgers, steaks, sandwiches, wraps, salads, and platters. Oh My Grill also provides condiments like sauces and dips to make your meal taste even better.

6. New Sadabahar Restaurant

New Sadabahar Restaurant

This restaurant serves authentic Pakistani cuisine and is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Rich in flavor and scent, their menu includes delicacies like biryani, karahi, handi, qorma, nihari, haleem, paya, and many more. You may satisfy your sweet tooth at New Sadabahar Restaurant’s dessert counter.

7. Al-Kabab Restaurant Bahadurabad

Al-Kabab Restaurant Bahadurabad

If you’re a fan of barbecue and are interested in sampling a wide selection of kababs, this restaurant is a fantastic option. They have a variety of kabab options, including chicken, beef, mutton, fish, and a combination dish. In addition to kebabs, biryani, karahi, handi, and daal are available at Al-Kabab Restaurant.


Bahadurabad has a wide variety of restaurants and cafes serving both traditional Pakistani fare and more exotic fare from around the world. There are many fantastic eateries in the neighborhood, not just the ones we’ve featured here. So, when you’re in Bahadurabad, don’t leave without sampling the best 7 restaurants and cafes the area has to offer.


Which is the largest food street in Karachi?

Burns Road, in the middle of Karachi, is the city’s most popular culinary street. It is well-known for its extensive menu, which includes both local favorites and exotic fare from around the world.

What is the most famous dish of Karachi?

The biryani, a rice dish flavored with spices, meat, and sometimes vegetables, is the cuisine most associated with Karachi. It is ubiquitous in Karachi, appearing on menus and at stands across the city.

What food is Karachi known for?

Bun kebabs, chicken tikka, paaye, nihari, and samosas are just few of the popular street foods in Karachi. The cuisine of the city reflects the diversity of its population, drawing inspiration from all throughout Pakistan and beyond.

What is the No 1 street food in Pakistan?

As a famous snack composed of fried dough and filled with spiced potato, chickpeas, and tart tamarind water, gol gappa (also known as pani puri or phuchka) is undoubtedly the most popular street meal in Pakistan. It is a popular snack in Pakistan and can be purchased from vendors on the street or at a food stand.

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