Anwar Baloch Restaurant & fast food – Review

Looking for a restaurant that offers mouth-watering Karahi dishes and delicious fast food all in one place? The Anwar Baloch Restaurant & Fast Food is where you want to be. This city center gem is gradually becoming known as a premier destination for those seeking the bold flavors of Pakistani cuisine.

Mutton, chicken, prawn, and Batair Karahi are just a few of the many authentic Pakistani delicacies available at Anwar Baloch Restaurant & fast food. Each meal is a work of culinary art, made with just the freshest ingredients and bursting with flavor from the use of fresh herbs and spices. The restaurant also provides a wide variety of fast food selections that are likely to please any craving for those who are seeking something more than the standard fare.

Anwar Baloch Restaurant & fast food Menu Options

You can always count on Anwar Baloch Restaurant & fast food menu to provide delicious food. The menu offers a wide variety of delicious options, from traditional biryani and curry dishes to modern takes on Middle Eastern favorites like kebabs and tikkas. The Balochi Sajji is the restaurant’s specialty and a must-order for carnivores. It has tender lamb that has been marinated in a special blend of spices and then roasted on a skewer.

Samosas, pakoras, and chutneys are just a few of the delectable appetizers and side options available at Anwar Baloch Restaurant. To wash down your meal, the restaurant provides an array of tasty drinks.



Main Shahrah e Faisal Rd, near Malir Bridge, Malir City, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh.


Contact Number

Phone: +92 302 4500919

WhatsApp: +92 302 4500919

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Location and Ambiance

The Anwar Baloch Restaurant, conveniently located in the middle of the city on Main Shahrah e Faisal Rd, has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant’s décor is authentically adorned with Pakistani artwork and handicrafts.

Quality of Ingredients

The freshness and high quality of the ingredients used are what set Anwar Baloch Restaurant apart from its rivals. To enhance the flavors of their dishes, the restaurant’s chefs use traditional Pakistani cooking methods and spices.


Anwar Baloch Restaurant provides high-quality meals at pricing that won’t break the wallet. The restaurant has a wide range of meal prices, so there’s something for any diner’s budget.


The food is excellent, but that’s not what makes Anwar Baloch Restaurant special. It’s the ideal place to have dinner with friends or family, thanks to the warm and inviting ambiance created by the wonderful Pakistani artwork and the helpful staff. The restaurant welcomes families and has a unique menu for children.

That being said, why delay any longer? If you’re interested in sampling some of the best Pakistani food, check out the Anwar Baloch Restaurant menu and make a reservation right away.


If you’re seeking the best Pakistani food in town, look no further than Anwar Baloch Restaurant & Fast food. Unsurprisingly, this once-undiscovered gem is becoming so well-liked by both locals and tourists because of its charming atmosphere, varied cuisine, and dedication to high-quality ingredients.

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